Thursday, October 4, 2012

Matchbook note holder

  1. 1
    Cut the 12X12 sheet of scrapbook paper into strips that are 6" X 2.25"
    Cut the copy paper into strips that measure 2.5" X 2"
  2. Step 22
    Round all the corners, using the punch, of the 6"X 2.25" strips of scrapbook paper.
  3. Step 33
    Turn in and crease 3/4" of the cover (scrapbook strip), forming a flap.
  4. Step 44
    Insert 12-15 sheets of the 2.5" X 2" copy paper under the flap and staple securely.
  5. Step 55
    Fold up the opposite end of the cover strip and tuck it under the flap, enclosing the copy paper sheets,
  6. Step 66
    then crease.
  7. Step 77
    Using a small design punch (in my case~~a paw print punch),
  8. Step 88
    embellish the larger flap.
    I have also seen, and made a few, where buttons or other little trinkets are glued over the staple to hide it.
    I need to find some Christmas scrapbook paper that I like to make more to ship with my Christmas collars!
    Hope you have fun trying this latest project!

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