Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Follow your Heart

 Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Pattern paper cut 5.25 by 4.00
Used Paper lace cartridge
Flower cut at 1.25 3 of them
Flower cut at 1.50 3 of them
Flower cut at 1.00 3 of them
Rails cut at 1.25 and it is 8 of them
Butterfly cut at 1.25
Lacey Labels cartridges used to cut shape at 1.25
Inked edges
Added pearls
Liquid Pearls
Stamped saying on shape

Monday, April 29, 2013


 Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut pink card stock at 5.25 and 4.00
Embossed pink card stock
Used Everyday Paper dolls Cartridge
Umbrella cut at 3.00 and layered it
Stampin up flower punch used to make flower
Punched out 9 flowers
Added pearls to flowers
Glitter added to umbrella
Stamped on scrap  paper word smile
Inked edges


Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to do Braided card

Card magic.com

Mothers Day 1

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
pattern paper cut at 5.25 by 4.00
 Blue pattern paper cut at 2.00 by 4.00
Embossed blue pattern paper
Ribbon and lace ran across the blue paper
Burlap heart hand cut at 2.50 inches
Made lace flower and added gemstones
Used  Sweetheart cartridge to cut heart at 1.25
Inked edges of heart
Used bags, tags boxes and  more cartridge to cut tag
Inked edges of tag
Stamped Mom saying on tag
Used liquid pearls
Button and twine added to heat
Stick pin  both hearts

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tri Fold Card

Tri-Fold Cards - Card Making Basics
Basic tri-fold card
A basic tri-fold card is a piece of card folded to make three panels
Kate Pullen
The term tri-fold originates from the fold used to create leaflets from a sheet of paper. A tri-fold creates uses two folds to create three panels. In card making the term tri-fold can be used to describe a variety of card types. At its most simple, the term tri-fold could be used to describe a card that is folded into three 'Z' style. However the term could also be used to describe an aperture card or one of more complex tri-fold designs that are popular with card makers.
Simple tri-fold cards are versatile and are a great way to present information in an attractive way. They are ideal for invitations where the front of the card can be decorated and the other panels used to present important information.

Tips for Making and Using Aperture Cards

  • Get creative with the folds and cut of the card, for instance cut the card diagonally so the panels graduate in size
  • Use scrap paper to work out your designs before transferring this to good paper as the different panels offer plenty of scope for decoration
  • Simple tri-fold cards are typically long and thin and are ideal for tall images and designs
  • Tri-fold cards may not fit in a standard sized envelope

Tri-Fold Card Sizes

Here's my card
  • A piece of 12 x 12" paper cut into two and folded into a simple tri-fold shape will create a card that measures 6 x 4"
  • A piece of letter sized paper, cut in half lengthwise will create a simple tri-fold card that measures approximately 3.8 x 4.25"

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
 Left side of card 2.00 by 4.25
Right side of card  3.25 by 4.25
Cut pattern paper on left side 3.00 by 4.00
Cut pattern paper on right side of card 3.00 by 4.00
Used Lacey Labels cartridge to cut shape out
Shape cut at 4.00
Inked edges
Used Four Legged Friends cartridge to cut cat out
Cat cut at 2.50  and all layers
Used whole punch to punch two wholes for ribbon
Added pompom
Liquid Pearls
Stamped saying on card stock

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello, friend

 Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Embossed blue card stock with paws
Blue card stock cut at 4.25 by 4.00
White card stock cut at 2.25 by 4.00
Embossed white cards stock edge
Used Four Legged Friends
Brown cut at  3.00
Cut blue card stock at 3.25
 Paw cut at 3.00 in brown
Used pen to draw in lines
Stamped saying on white card stock
Added ribbon and bow

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Looking to buy new die cutting machine?


Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Embossed pink card stock
Pink card stock 5.25 by 4.00
Used revolutions die to cut out pinwheel
It was cut at 4.00 by 4.00
Added stick
Stamped hello on card stock

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feel Bettter Soon

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
White card stock cut at 5.25 by 4.00
 Light orange card stock cut at 5.00 by 3.75
Embossed light orange card stock
Added real tea bag
Used bags ,tags and more cartridge
Cut tag at 1.50
Inked edges
Stamped on tag
String was on tea bag already

Friday, April 12, 2013

Your a Star

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Blue card stock cut at 5.25 by 4.00
Embossed the  blue card stock
Added glitter
Used Indie Art cartridge
Image at 4.00 and layers
Cut bubble at 1.50
Stamped in center of bubble
Used Easy Frames product to make center square

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking of You

Dimension's 5.50 by .4.25
Ran two strips of ribbon a cross the card
Used Accent Essentitals cartridge
Cut 4 squares from accent Essentitals
Squares cut at 1.25
Embossed the squares
Used Indie Art cartridge
Cut out butterfly from  indie art
Butterfly cut 1.50 and no layers
Stamped saying on card
Glitter added to card

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank You

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut black card stock at 5.25 by 4.00
Cut white card stock at 5.00 by 3.85
Embossed white card stock
Used Accent Essentials cartridge
Cut 3 black squares at 1.25 from cartridge
Cut white card stock  shape of flower s  cut 3
Flower shape is 1.00
Added gemstones to each flower
Inked edges
Added ribbon a cross the card
Stamped saying in center of white card stock in red
Pearls added
To make center where I stamped used Easy Frames product

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Everything will be okay in the end

 Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut cream card stock at 5.25 by 4.00
Embossed it
Used April showers cartridge
One butterfly cut 2.00 and layer
Second butterfly cut 1.50 and layer
Inked edges of butterflies
Cut vellum for layers
Added pearls
Used glitter
Liquid pearls
Stamped saying on cream card stock

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get well soon

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Pattern brown and cream paper cut at 3.00 by 4.25
Crimped the pattern paper
Cut  another pattern paper in pink
Pink paper cut at 2.75 by 3.00
Ribbon a cross pattern papers
Used April showers cartridge
Bird cut at 2.50 and all layers
Butterfly cut at 1.50 and layer
Inked edges
Liquid Pearls

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wherever you go

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut pattern paper at 2.50 by  4.25
Crimped pattern paper
Cut another pattern paper in pink cut 3.00 by 3.00
Used April Showers cartridge
Cut bird house at 2.50 and layers
Liquid Pearls
Ribbon across the top with bow
Vellum saying up on top pink pattern paper
Inked edges


Best Wishes

Dimensions  by 5.50 by 4.25
Pattern paper at 5.25 by 4.00
Used Art Philosophy cartridge
Circle cut at 4.00
Used Wrap It up cartridge
Cup cake cut 3.00 and layers
Glitter added
Liquid Pearls
Stamped on ribbon best wish

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just saying Hello

 Dimension  5.50 by 4.25
Cut pattern paper at 5.25 by 4.00
Cut pink ribbon 2 strips
 Used April showers cartridge
Cut flower 1 at 1.75 out of gray card stock and layer at 1.50 out of yellow card stock
Cut flower 2 at 1.50 out of gray card stock and layer at 1.25 out of yellow card stock
Added buttons
Added gem stones
Stamped saying on  paper

So Missed

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Used  Heritage cartridge
Sew machine cut 2.50
Used Lacey labels cartridge
Label in black  card stock cut  at 4.50
White card stock cut at 4.25
Added lace and straight pen
Stamped saying on white card stock

Monday, April 1, 2013

Laugh Lots

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Cut gray card stock at 5.25 by 4.00
Used 3 Birds on Bird on Parade cartridge
Cut bird 2.50 and layers
Used Art Philosophy  cartridge
Cut circle with layers
Stamped  saying in  of center circle
Used glitter
Ribbon and bow