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Tips and Tricks On Cuttlebug Part 2

Lawn fawn cards: how to use a cuttlebug and make a card

lawn fawn cards: how to use a cuttlebug and make a cardThis is a video I made showing you how to use a cuttlebug and nestabilities along with heat embossing techniques while making a greeting card. This card is for Kristina's Color Inspiration Challenge which means only using black, grey and white! Also, please excuse the bad filming in this video. I tried a new set up, and it didn't work as well as I thought. I will have a new set up for next week! Check out my blog at: Check out my card shop at
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:06:51
Tags: stamps crafts scrapbooking cardmaking card .

How to use brass stencils with the cuttle bug

How to use brass stencils with the Cuttle BugHow to video showing how to emboss using brass stencils and the Cuttle Bug. Also featured is how to use fiskar embossing plates, as well as a few ideas on how to color in your embossed image.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:07:21
Tags: Rubber Stamping .

How to use a cuttlebug on metal, mica; a bit about torch patina on copper

How to Use a Cuttlebug on Metal, Mica; A Bit About Torch Patina on CopperThis week I discovered the Cuttlebug and my creative world has changed. When I visited CHA in Jan 2011 I watched demonstrators use different embossing and cutting machines on lightweight metal and grungeboard to great effect. Harry Wood had shown us some great photos of embossing on metal, and Margo Horowitz also had shared some discs she had embossed with the Cuttlebug and colorized with alcohol inks. These techniques aren't anything I personally discovered; they've been around for a bit and I just had not explored them yet. Now that I have, I'm hooked. Be sure to visit and read Harry Wood's tutorials on torch fired patina and embossing with a pasta machine, Sizzix or Cuttlebug. You will find them under the PROJECT IDEAS link about half-way down the home page. Also, visit Harry's Etsy at Oscar Crow to see his finished pieces, which are reasonably priced. In this video I show you how to set up the Cuttlebug and get started quickly embossing paper, mica sheet and metal, along with a few colorizing tips with alcohol inks and torch patina on 30 ga. copper sheet.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:13:01
Tags: embossing metal findings .

411 tips and tricks with the cuttle bug part 1

411 Tips and Tricks with the Cuttle Bug Part 1Helpful tips to keep in mind as you use your die cutting machine such as how to load extra thick sandwiches and how to prevent paper from tearing when using intricate embossing folders/plates.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:11:36
Tags: howto cuttlebug .

Cuttlebug; how to make fantasy paper using a cuttlebug

Cuttlebug; How To Make Fantasy Paper Using a CuttlebugThis film demonstrates how to use fantasy film and fantasy fibres to produce paper that you can use in your Cuttlebug. Written version of this tutorial is available on; If you have enjoyed this video, please leave me a comment and subscribe to this channel to be the first to know when new videos go up.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:04:33
Tags: Cuttlebug Fantasy Film .

How to use cuttlebug embossing folders

How to Use Cuttlebug Embossing FoldersHow to use Cuttlebug Embossing folders, tips and techniques for getting more from your folders. This takes you to the blog post, there is a 'Translate this site' option on my blog, which may work better than the translator available on YT.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:03:37
Tags: Cuttlebug Cuttlebug Embossing Folders Provocraft .

How to emboss and cut using a cuttlebug

How to Emboss and Cut using a CuttlebugIn this lesson, you will learn how to use Embossing Folders and Diecuts with a Cuttlebug Machine
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:37
Tags: Cuttlebug Embossing .

How to use cuttlebug machine

How to use Cuttlebug MachineIn this lesson you learn all about your Cuttlebug Machine. You will go through what the components are used for and the different tools you can use with it.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:08
Tags: Cuttlebug Embossing .

How to flatten bottle caps in the cuttlebug

How to Flatten Bottle Caps in the CuttlebugSara Sandberg from shows you how to flatten bottle caps in the Cuttlebug quickly and easily.
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:01:10
Tags: bottle caps cuttlebug .

How to make a half window card in the cuttlebug

How to make a half window card in the Cuttlebug
Came from blondesearch /How to Cuttlebug
what to see more? go to my blog..Valita
Category: Howto & Style     Length: 00:02:39
Tags: christmas card .

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