Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Easter Nursery Rhymes

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
White card stock cut at 5.25 by 4.00
Embossed the white card stock
Used Fancy Frames cartridge  for frame
Frame cut at 3.00
Used Nursery Rhymes cartridge to cut shape
Shape is cut at 2.00
Used Heritage cartridge to shape to stamp on
Shape was cut at 1.75 know layers
Glitter was added
Liquid Pearls
Inked Edges

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frame Fold Card

Take a square piece of card stock. It doesn't matter how big as long as it is square and fits you card front.
Next fold it in half and then in half again to make a cube

Open it up flat in front of you
  Take each corner and fold it into the center
Then take the corner again and fold it back to the edge of the square.
Here's what card looks like when finished.

 Dimension are 5.50 by 4.25
Cut solid card stock at 5.25 by 4.25
Pattern card stock cut at 5.00 by 4.00
Did card  fold
Accent Essentials  used to cut 1 .50 square
Paper lace cartridge used to cu shape to fit on square
Shape was cut at 1.25 and layer
Inked  edges
Lacy Labels cartridge used to make shape to stamp  on
Cut shape at 1.00 and layers
Add liquid pearls

Monday, February 25, 2013


Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut blue pattern paper at 1.75 by 5.00
Crimped blue paper
Cut mesh
String  around card
Cut see paper and inked edges
Clothes pen seed  paper to  string
Ribbon used on card stock
Cartridge used was Art Philosophy
Circle  cut at 1.50 and inked edges
Pin threw ribbon
Glitter glue

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
 Used Accent Essentials to cut squares
Dark brown square was cut at 3.00
Cream square cut 2.75
 Used Art Philosophy to cut small banner shape
Dark brown banner shape cut at 2.25
Cream banner shape cut at 2.00
Glued banner to square
Cut a strip of brown at 2.00
Cut pattern paper at 1.50 to go on top of brown paper
 Used Heritage to cut out bike
Inked edges of bike and square and banner
Added brads
Added vintage  items  to card
Bike was cut out at 2.75
Stamped saying in center of banner

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Easter Branch

 Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
 Cream card stock embossed and cut at 5.25 by 4.00
Cartridge used Home Decor for  shape
Shape cut at 2.00
Flowers cut from home decor at .50 cut 6
Cut two in pink,yellow and blue
Inked edges of all cuts
Liquid pearls in center of flowers
Used Art Philosophy to cut eggs
Eggs cut at 1.00
Cut out of three different papers
Added lace and pearl trim
Used Lacy Labels to cut oval shape to stamp on
Oval was cut at 1.50

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just me thinking of You

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Cut white card stock at 5.25 by 4.00
Embossed white card stock
Used Art Philosophy Cartridge
 Cut out yellow card  stock circle at 3.00
Cut white  card stock at 2.50
Cut Butterfly at 2.00
Added liquid Pearls
Pearls trim
Yellow ribbon under pearl trim
Stamped on card

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Back ground  white  colored paper at 5.25 by 4.00
Embossed on white
Used Art Philosophy Cartridge to dragon flies
Dragon flies cut at  2.00 and 1.50 with layers
Used velum for layers on dragon flies
Center shape cut at 2.00 and 1.50
Inked all edges
Pearls added
Glitter glue
Liquid Pearls
Stamped on shape in red ink

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Dimensions are 5.50 by 4.25
Pattern paper cut at 5.00 by 4.00
Old black and white post card
Hand colored in all of  post card
Inked edges of post card and rounded corners
Cut another old post card up make some of shamrocks pop up
Added glitter glue and liquid pearls in centers of shamrocks
Add ribbon  in  green  across the card stock
Stamped lucky on  post card
Added gold button

Saturday, February 16, 2013

With Sympathy

Dimensions  5.50 by 4.25
Black card stock cut at 5.25 by 4.00
White card stock cut 5.00 by 3.75
White card stock embossed
Used Inspired Heart Cartridge
Shape cut at 3.50 and layer same size
Used Pearls,glitter
Stamped Saying on card stock in black

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to put Fabric On card stock

Instructions on how to  put  Fabric on Card stock

  1.  Place your piece of cut fabric on top of the fusible web with the right side of the fabric facing up. Cut the fusible web to the same size and shape as the fabric.
  2. Keep the fusible web in the same position it was in when you cut it. Peel the backing paper from the side of the fusible web that is facing up.
    • 3. Place your piece of fabric on top of the fusible web with the right side of the fabric facing up.
    • 4. Iron the piece of fabric to the fusible web following the instructions that came with the fusible web. Generally the instructions will direct you to iron the fabric for 15 to 30 seconds using a medium to high heat setting. However, directions differ depending on brand, so consult the directions specific to the brand you are using for proper ironing times and heat settings.
    • 5. Let the fabric cool completely.
    • 6. Peel the backing paper from the other side of the fusible web and place the fabric over the card stock where you want to adhere it. The fabric side should be facing up and the fusible web side facing down. Hold the two pieces together while you flip it over so the card stock is on top.
    • 7. Place a small scrap of thin cotton fabric over the top of the card stock. Iron over the fabric-covered card stock using the same heat setting and for the same length of time you did when adhering the fusible web to the fabric.
    • 8. Let the whole piece cool completely before moving it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Lightweight woven fabrics, such as quilter's cotton, are best for adhering to paper.
  • Now to cut the card stock settings need to be
  • Pressure 4
  • Blade set to 4
  • Speed needs to be 2

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
White card stock cut 5.25 by 4.00
Cut white card stock and embossed it
Perfect Pearls over embossing
Ribbon ran a cross
Used Art Philosophy Cart to make shape
Made shape at 2.00 and layer same size
Added already made flowers
Liquid Pearls a round shape
Inked edges

Monday, February 11, 2013

Your A Classic

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Green pattern paper cut 2.00  by 4.00
Brown pattern paper cut at 3.00 by 4.00
Summer in Paris Cartridge used to  cut bug out
Bug cut at 2.00 and layers
Lacey Labels use to make label shape
Label shape cut at 2.00 and layer cut 1.75
Inked edges of pattern papers and  label
Stamped saying on label

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
 Light brown card stock strips two cut at 1.75 by 4.00
Brown cut at  1.75 by 4.00
Used Walk in The Garden Cartridge to make flower
Flower cut at 3 inches and all layers
Ribbon added a cross the card with bow
Glitter added to flowers
Added four gem stones
Stamping saying on card stock


Dimensions are 5.50 by 4.25
Cut light purple card stock at 5.00 by 4.00
White card stock cut at 4.75 by 3..75
Embossed white card stock
Cake Everyday Sampler cartridge used to cut flourishes out with
Flourishes cut at 1.50
Cut 2 of flourishes no layers
Home Accent Cartridge used to cut Butterfly's out with
Butterflies one cut at 2.00 and layers
Butterflies two cut 1.50 and layers
Embossed top layer of butterfly's
Prefect Pearls in gold on embossed layer of butterflies
Inked all edges
Pearls put in center of butterflies
Glitter added

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bee Happy

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Cut gray and white card stock at 2.00 by 5.25
Cut yellow card stock at 2.00 by 5.25
Cut ribbon to run a cross  card
Put silk flowers and added gem stone
Added glitter glue to flower to
Stamped on yellow bee happy
Bee was cut from Walk In Garden
Bee was cut at 3.00 and all layers
Embossed the bee and inked it
Added eyes and glitter to bee
( A friend named JoGenna Clark suggested I put bee on flower)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Cut pattern paper 3.00 by 4.25
Added ribbon behind post card
Used old Post Card
Size is 3.00 by 5.00 of Post Card
Everyday Cake Sampler Cartridge
Flower cut at 2.00and layers
Liquid Pearls in center of flower
Inked edges of flower

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just for you

Dimensions 5.50 by 4.25
Pattern paper in gray cut 3.25 by 3.00
Cut another pattern paper at 2.25 by1.25
Added doily between pattern paper
Cut mannequin out from Forever Young Cricut Cartridge
Mannequin cut out 4.00
Hand colored top of dress
Used netting on mannequin and ribbon
Added liquid pearls around the neck
Stamping  saying front of card


Dimension 5.50 by 4.25
Cut white card stock at 5.25by 4.00
Embossed the white card stock
Used create a critter cartridge to cut  kites
Cut kits at 3.50 and layers
Inked edges and glitter glued on kites
Ribbon run a cross the card and bow
Punched circle for tag and tied on with string