Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free pattern to make dust covers for cricuts and cameo

Expression Dust Cover Pattern (Click here to download.)

From Custom

Silhouette Dust Cover

This dust cover is for the original Silhouette
Whip up a quick and easy dust cover, that’s what. And did I mention that you can make this out of a single fat quarter? ‘Cause you can!
Fat quarter
Silhouette Dust Cover pattern piece PDF (the bottom measurement will be 6 3/8″ when printed correctly)
Sewing machine with thread
About 15 minutes
Turn your fat quarter so that one of the 18” ends is at the bottom. Cut off 14″ so you have a piece that is 18” wide and 14” high (the bottom piece in this picture).
Fold the top piece in half and cut out the pattern piece. You’ll have 2 opposite end pieces
Place the end pieces even with the bottom edge of your fabric so that the short end (of the end pieces) points out and start pinning.
Pin all the way around the end pieces and then sew with a 1/2” seam.
Then you’ll want to hem the bottom of the dust cover 1/2” all the way around. I folded and pressed a scant 1/4” and then another 1/4”. Stitch hem in place.
Put it on your Silhouette and feel much better about leaving her out to admire.

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