Monday, July 30, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Storage 2

Figuring out how to store the Cricut cartridges is tricky. For one thing, the boxes they come in are bulky and awkward - not conducive to carrying them around or even flipping through your stash quickly. So, I have been searching out solutions to this problem and people have come up with to store their cartridges in space saving ways that are easy to carry. 

This first way is my favorite and the one I use. I like that it holds SO many cartridges - there is room for 40! Not that I have that many, but it's nice to have room to grow (ha ha!). Also, it's compact and simple.

Snapware Ribbon Holder for Cartridges:

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

  • One inexpensive way to organize your Cricut cartridges when you no longer have room to store them in the clamshell boxes they come in is to use an over-the-door shoe organizer. A see through pocket organizer allows you to easily see which cartridge is stored in each pocket for quick access and also can hold a number of cartridges. Another aspect about this method of storage is that is makes use of a space, the back of a door, that might otherwise be wasted. Just remove the cartridge, keypad overlay and book from the box and place them in one of the pockets with the cartridge facing out so you can easily read the name of it. This method works well for a moderately sized collection, but once the collection outgrows the number of pockets on the organizer expanding this method of storage poses a problem unless you have another door.

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