Friday, July 27, 2012

Heat Embossing

Technique A: Heat Embossing
1] Place your card stock in a Powder Pal tray or over a large piece of scratch paper.
2] Rub the Embossing Buddy across the card stock you want to emboss. This keeps the embossing powder from sticking anywhere but on the ink.
3] Stamp the image with Craft, VersaMark, or embossing ink.
4] Pour powder onto the inked image, making sure that the image is coated completely.
5] Shake off excess powder into the tray and funnel it back into the container.
6] Heat the stamped image only until the powder changes to a shiny liquid and rises.
7] Allow embossed image to cool.
Technique B: Emboss Resist
1] Follow steps 1-7 above, using Stampin Emboss clear embossing powder.
2] Apply ink with a sponge directly to the paper over and around the embossed image.
3] Wipe the embossed image with a tissue to remove the excess ink.
Avoid overheating the powder and burning the paper when working with a heat tool.
Article from Stampin up

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