Friday, December 14, 2012

Joy Fold Card

Joy fold Card

Joy fold cards are basically two cards rolled into one. You can get some really great results using a variety of contrasting papers on the different panels of the card and you can also experiment with shape, size and fold placement for unique looks.

White card stock 41/4" x 10"
White card stock 3" x 8"
Patterned paper 4" x 33/4"
Patterned paper 4" x 53/4"
Patterned paper 33/4" x 23/4"
Choice of embellishments
1. Start with the 41/4" x 10" piece of cardstock. Measure 6" from one of the short sides, score and fold. You should now have a folded card that has a back measuring 41/4" x 6" and a front measuring 41/4" x 4".

2. Fold the 3" x 8" piece of card stock in half to make a folded card measuring 3" x 4".

3. Adhere the 4" x 53/4" patterned paper to the inside of the larger card leaving a small border as shown in the picture below.

 This how card looks done.
 Done by Wanda Thompsen

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