Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blender pen refill recipe for stampin up Markers

Blender pen refill recipe

Large recipe:
2 Tbps + 2 Tsp. glycerin
5 Tbps distilled water
1 tsp. rubbing alcohol

Small recipe:
2 tsp. glycerin
4 tsp. distilled water
1/4 tsp. rubbing alcohol

This recipe is to be used with Stampin' Up!® blender pens and not to be confused with Copic blender pens, which are ethanol based. The Copic blending solution is used for fixing mistakes & making colors lighter. This recipe is for blending water based ink colors.
You don't have to remove the tips becasue you can just use an eyedroper onto the tips until it soaks in, but its' quicker if you want to remove the end piece and pour refill directly onto the end of the
center cavity. You might want to start with a small recipe since the pens don't hold much. Left over refill can be stored in a small airtight container. This recipe came from web sight tips4markers.
 They also carry the stampin marker up refill tips.

Directions on replacing your tips

1. With a paper towel or tweezers, remove the worn tip by just pulling it out gently and discard. 2. This is a good time to refill your marker with ink. 3. Holding onto the brush end of the new tip, gently and firmly insert the smaller diameter end into the Stampin’ Up! marker. 4. Allow about 15 minutes for the new color to infuse into the new tip before use.

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