Thursday, August 21, 2014

Something new to try with stamps

Stamp Etching

by Lydia Fiedler
From Splitcoast

Use a fine-tipped black pen to give your stamped images the look of classical etchings.


  • Open line-art stamp image (Stampin' Up!'s Blended Bloom used here)
  • Black marker or pen with a fine tip
  • Cardstock (a smooth cardstock is best)


  1. Step 1

    Begin by stamping an open line art stamp in black ink on smooth white cardstock.
  2. Step 2

    Using a fine-tipped marker, begin to make tapered lines within the stamp image with a light flicking motion - lifting the pen off the paper towards the end of your line. The line should be thinner at the end than it is where it started.
  3. Practice by drawing a straight line on a scrap. Put your pen down on the line briefly and then as you draw a quick line, lift the tip of the pen up off the paper towards the end of the line.
  4. Step 3

    To add a little shading, do a second, shorter group of lines at the base of the first.
  5. Step 4

    Continue until your image is completely filled.
  6. Step 5

    For variations on this technique, try cross-hatching...
  7. or stippling.
  8. Step 6

    Use your image on a finished project.
  9. Try this technique on colored cardstock, too.


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