Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tool Box Gift Holder

Dimensions 5..25 by 5.00
Added  dimensional by k&Company for tool
Cut file from
Makes a great way to hide gift card


Assembly Instructions
From crea8ive cuts
1. Open the Toolbox file in your cutting software and cut pieces from the cardstock of your choice, or print the Scissor Cutz pdf files on the cardstock of your choice and cut with scissors or a craft knife. All pieces are shown and labelled in the diagram on the right.

2. Score / fold all pieces indicated in the diagram.

3. To form the bottom of the toolbox, fold the bottom sides, front and back up, tuck the side tabs inside and glue in place as shown in Photo 1.

4. To form the top of the toolbox, fold the top sides, front and back down, tuck the tabs in and glue in place as shown in Photo 2.

5. Insert the Toolbox Handle through the small slits in the lid and pull through to the inside until the

handle is the desired length. Glue the handle ends down on the inside without creasing as shown in Photo 3.

6. Attach the buckles to the top front of the tool box, aligning the lower edge of the toolbox top with the middle of the buckle. Glue in place or use an eyelet as shown in Photo 4. Adhere small velcro dots to the bottom inside of the buckles and the top edge of the toolbox bottom to hold the toolbox shut.

7. Fold the Tray Shelf to form a small open box (like a matchbox cover), with the last narrow tab tucked inside, glue in place as shown in Photo 5.

8. Glue one tray shelf to each end of the toolbox on the inside as shown in Photo 6.


9. Fold the sides of the tray up, tuck the tabs to the inside and glue.

10. Fold the sides of the tray handle down and glue to the inside of the tray sides as shown in Photo 7.

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