Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rubber Cement thinner and other tips

Manufacturers secrets they don't want you to know.
Maybe some of you already know this and maybe some will benefit from the posting,
Un-do, the little bottle of solution that our scrapbook store used to sell for about $5 (about 1 fluid oz) is really 100%........Drum roll.......Rubber cement thinner.
You can buy a quart can for about 12 bucks and have enough for you and all your cropping friends for years. The little undu bottle is refillable by removing the top. Told to me by a former employee of the manufacturer, and I've been using it for years. Cleans gummy residue off most anything without harm. You can find it at most stationery stores
From Alesia Fowler

Re-New Sheets
Here's something  that you may want to redo mats with called Re-New sheets. Works on all mats. Re-puts glue back on mats with out all the mess. It comes in 5 pack.

Harbor Tools
Here's quick tip for all crafters go harbor  toosl get dental picks  for $2.00 and set of tweezers for $2.00.
Saraoh Frith Fisher

In case you haven't heard about the silicone mat, I highly recommend it. It is under $10, & you put it under your card stock & then put your adhesive on card stock. You can run adhesive off of card stock & the adhesive doesn't adhere to silicone. Love love love it.

Maree Long
How to label you embossing folders
 1. Keep a typed list on publisher and pasted into book and when I need to up date I simply print and change over copy
2.Keep them in expander files in catagories floral, Christmas, exotic, texture, asain, wording, events etc

Robin McCusker Horasanian 
You can buy heat register magnets and cut to whatever size you need.  To hold thin dies on with and cut. I got mine at Lowe's.

Take Paint chips
I have posted this information before, if you are looking for just small pieces of color card I use the paint chips from the hardware store they are great and they don't mind you taking them.....
From Jennifer Pershouse

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