Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Make Paper Rosettes

How to Make Paper Rosettes

Several of you have asked how to make those beautiful paper rosettes and it's easier than you think! See the directions below! (and yes, I need a manicure!)

First cut a strip of patterned paper or cardstock into a strip that is 12 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide. You will also need a 1" circle cut from patterned paper or cardstock.
Score the strip of paper every 1/4 inch using your score board and fold the scored lines. (You could also just accordion fold them with your hands instead of scoring them, which would be faster, but you may not have perfect folds. )

After you have scored you strip of paper, cut off one 1/4 inch fold at the end of your strip. You do this so that your folds match up. I know you think I’m crazy but when you do it, you’ll understand.

Using your tape runner, put adhesive on one end of the strip of paper that has been folded. Bring both ends together and adhere.

Gather the top of the paper together and gently push down so that the bottom spreads out to form the rosette.

Place a dab of glue in the middle of the 1 inch circle that you punched.

Take the circle and place on top of your rosette. Hold in place for a few seconds until glue starts to hold. At this point I usually lay something on top of it to hold it in place or it will pop up and you will have a bottomless cupcake holder. I usually just grab that punch I was using and lay on it.
After the glue is dry, flip it over and embellish to the top with layered circle punches, buttons, or anything of your choosing!

You can experiment using different width strips and also by using a border punch to scallop or make other details

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  1. Oh I just learned something, I make rosettes and I try to lay the rosette on the small circle of glue and do not lign it up very good, this way is soo much better.