Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post-it- note Holders

Hello there! Welcome to another new project I love making post-it note holders - they are fun to decorate and make great gifts to give to family and friends . Here's my method: 
Start with a pad of post-it notes. If you don't buy them in bulk from Officeworks or somewhere like that the Post-it brand post-its are very pricey. I just buy the multicoloured stacks you get in bargain shops or Target - they work just as well in my opinion (and have much more muted colours, which my eyes appreciate!) 
Select a piece of card stock to make your holded . Measure your post-it pad (length x 2 + width) to make sure that your piece of cardstock will be long enough to accommodate your post-it pad. For the standard square 7.5cm post-its I just use the shortest side of A4. No measuring needed as I know it is going to wrap around with a little left to spare.
I always make my holders by wrapping the card around the post-it pad I am covering, as I have tried measuring, scoring etc. first and I find that it doesn't always guarantee a perfect fit.
Line up the post-it pad about 2-3mm in from the lower-right corner of the cardstock. Using a pencil, make a mark on the left hand side of the post-it pad about 2-3mm from the edge of the pad. Cut using your trimmer and line up your post-it pad again to make sure that it fits.
With the post-it note still lined up, and holding onto it firmly, push the cardstock up against the top of the post-it pad to make a crease. Take the post-it pad out and burnish the fold with a bone folder to give it a scored look.
Repeat this step along the top edge of the post-it pad - making sure that your pad doesn't slip.
Burnish the second crease with a bone folder.
Depending on the length of cardstock you started off with, you might have some excess after folding. Use your pencil again and mark out about 2-3mm to match the rest of the sides of the holder and cut using your trimmer.
Adhere the pad down with some adhesive - the stronger the better as the pad is quite heavy.
And that's it! All that's left to do now is decorate!
To make the scalloped circle frame I used Scalloped Circle and Circle Nestabilities with Kaisercraft Lilac Avenue paper, which was already a yellow colour (see background in picture) but it wasn't vibrant enough to match the post-it note pad, so I inked it up with some Canary Versacolor ink. I white embossed one of the flower images from the
Garden Silhouettes set and used a distress ink tool to cover the cardstock with Canary Versacolor ink. I then rubbed over the embossed parts with a tissue to get rid of any excess ink.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to make some post-it note holders yourself! If you have any questions please let me know!
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