Friday, August 3, 2012

Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearls™ Pigments
Specially developed with a built-in resin, Perfect Pearls™ Pigments are easy to use, wet or dry. There is nothing to mix - use dry with Perfect Medium™, VersaMark Ink or add water to produce luminous paints and shimmering glazes that stick to many surfaces, including wood, paper and stone. Mix with watercolors, inks, acrylic paints, glues, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels embossing powders, clay and other mediums for radiant results. Perfect Medium™ also makes a remarkable resist ink, embossing ink and watermark too!
Supplies Needed:

Art-Stamp Images
• Dark Colored Cardstock
or Silhouette Paper
• Perfect Pearls
• Perfect Pearls Medium
or VersaMark Ink
• Brushes and/or Feather Duster
• Spray Fixative

Basic Steps

Apply Perfect Medium or VersaMark.

Then, stamp on paper.
Step 1: Apply Perfect Medium
to a rubber stamp,
then stamp on paper.

Dark colored paper or silhouette
works best with this technique
but is not always necessary.
If you are using light colored
paper make sure you are not
using interference pigments.

Apply Perfect Pearls to Stamped Image.

Step 2: Apply Perfect Pearls™
Lightly dip the smaller brush into one of the jars
(only a small amount is needed).
Gently dust the stamped image with the pigment.
If applying more than one color,
apply additional colors carefully and sparingly,
only using what is needed.

Remove excess pigment.
The Stampin
Step 3: Remove excess pigment.
Use the larger brush to 'wisk' away the excess powder.
Try using a feather duster or dusting brush to remove
excess when finished.
Step 4: Spray with Fixative to set.
Spray with a matte spray fixative, such as hairspray, Krylon or Blair, to set the pigments.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this technique. I'll have to try it soon.